Primos Trigger Stick Gen III gunpods opinie

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Primos Trigger Stick Gen III
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Primos Trigger Stick Gen III
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Original Primos Trigger Stick automatic pastors are deservingly rewarded with thoughtful practical and reliable opinions. The latest, third generation has been equipped with a rotating head with an ergonomic contoured pistol grip, which allows for a comfortable positioning of the hand supporting the weapon. In combination with the V-shaped, anti-slip hooks that cover the front of the bed, this gives the impression of using the gun as if it were equipped with a front pistol grip.

The wide fork finished inside with soft rubber lamellas provides solid support regardless of the width and shape of the settlement. Importantly, it does not cause any creases or scratches in the case of wooden sludge.

The biggest advantage of the Primos Trigger Stick, however, is the automatic (gravitational) extension of the legs and the ease of adjustment. The altitude can be set basically with one hand, without taking your eyes from the game to which you intend to fold. Specially shaped, eight-fingered rubber leg endings ensure stable and reliable pastoral placement on both hard and hot ground, reducing the risk of collapse or slippage. The independent extension of each leg (concerns two and tripods) works especially on uneven terrain. When you press the trigger, each leg extends automatically until it contacts the ground, releasing the trigger locks it at the correct height. In this way, legs can have different heights, thanks to which the pastoral stands perfectly vertically and supports the weapon in all conditions.

A two-legged brazier provides very good vertical and horizontal stabilization. It is a compromise between weight and speed of spreading and precision of the shot. Not without reason, the bipods of military sniper rifles have two legs. Unfolding is not anxious, and the rotating head allows smooth running of a moving target.

Regardless of the version, the Primos Trigger Stick pastrals are perfect for stalking hunting and wherever every second wasted to prepare for a shot can make a difference.


2 years





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