Acuter NatureClose 20-60x80 WP spotting scope opinie

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Acuter NatureClose 20-60x80 WP spotting scope
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Acuter NatureClose 20-60x80 WP spotting scope
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Acuter NatureClose 20-60x80 A is an angle observation telescope with a lens diameter of 80 mm. Provides high brightness while maintaining compact dimensions. An excellent refractor to observe nature, birds, digiscoping. Water-resistant makes it easy to use even in extreme weather conditions. The set includes a case and a zoom eyepiece that allows you to obtain magnifications from 20 to 60x. KTCJA VERSION with 45 ° Amici prism system.
Connecting the mirror to the telescope is not the slightest problem - under the eyepiece of the eyepiece there is a T2 thread, to which we screw the adapter for the specific reflex camera bayonet.

Impressions / observational tests

It is a very well made, pretty and shapely spyglass. The sharpening system is very smooth and the focusing after zooming is simple because the focusing position changes little. The stars are sharp for about 80% of the wide, 2-degree field of view. Algieba (? Leo), a colorful double star is nicely distributed at a magnification of 60x. Even the more complex system of the stars of Castor (? Gem) managed to separate cleanly. Saturn makes a good impression, a visible ring that intersects the planet's shield. It is also easy to see the Titan - the largest moon of Saturn.

Technical parameters

• Zoom: smoothly variable, 20-60 times
• Lens diameter: 80 mm
• Optical system: achromat refractor, doublet
• Prism: 45 ° (angular), Amici, Bak4
• Focal length of the lens: 480 mm
• Focal length of the zoom type eyepiece: 8 - 24 mm
• Apparent field of view of the eyepiece: 40 ° - 60 °
• Field of view: 2 ° - 1 °
• Linear field of view: 35 - 17.5 mm
• Output: 4.1 - 1.4 mm
• Retracting the output pupil: 18 mm @ 20x, 15 mm @ 60x
• Anti-reflective layers: MC
• Retractable diffuser / cover: YES
• Minimum distance of observation: 10 m
• Total length of the spotting scope: 46 cm
• Eyepiece weight: 200 g
• Weight: 1510 g / 1680 g with covers



Additional information:

The set includes:
• telescope with 45 ° angled eyepiece
• eyepiece: 8-24 mm zoom (magnification 20 - 60x)
• a soft case that allows you to carry out observations and attach the telescope to the tripod without removing it ( stay-on )
• integrated 1/4 "thread socket for connecting the spotting scope to a photo tripod
built-in T-2 thread on the eyepiece allowing connection of a DSLR - only the T2 ring required (eg for Nikon, Canon, Pentax K, Sony Alpha / A, Sony NEX / E, or Olympus E, Nikon 1 , etc.)


2 years

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